Original Huawei Band 7 1.47” AMOLED Screen, 2 Weeks Battery Life ,50M Waterproof SmartBand

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Original Huawei Band 7 1.47” AMOLED Screen, 2 Weeks Battery Life ,50M Waterproof SmartBand

Original New Huawei Band 7 Smart Band Blood Oxygen 1.47” AMOLED Screen Heart Rate Smartband 2 Weeks Battery Life Waterproof

Notice: This is Standard version has no NFC function .

1. A New Milestone of Extremely thin

2. All-day Monitoring SpO2 and other health data

3. Wear it with long standby up to 2-weeks

4. 96 Workout Modes with Scientific advice

5. Lots of convenience including new added Always on Display and tap to lit screen

Tip: Some of above functions need turn on in the app ‘Huawei Health’.


Lightweight design /Automatic blood oxygen detection

Numerous highlights: there is always a reason for your heart

Visible Thinness Hidden Power

AMOLED full screen,ultra narrow frame,delicate and visible screen.The lighter and thinner body is light and comfortable,fits the wrist,and makes you almost forget its existence when wearing.

A touch of love Take it with you

Quiet and steady Obsidian black,fresh and fashionable field green,wave soaked sweet Nebula powder,confident and brave flame red,choose you love and carry it with you.

Various Dials,Colorful Choices

8000 + exquisite dial is available for selection. The standby dial is added, and the time can be checked at any time after the screen is stopped; you can see it in front of you every time the screen is lit.

Full endurance and lasting company

In typical use scenarios, the endurance is up to two weeks. In severe use scenarios, it can alsobe easily extended for 10 days. There is no need to charge frequently during business trip ortravel.Based on Huawei’s fast charging technology, it can be charged for 5 minutes before going out and can last for 2 days.

TruSeen 4.0 Love your heart

Based on TruSeen 4.0 hardware opti-cal path and intelligent power savingalgorithm, Huawei band 7 supportsblood oxygen monitoring, automaticvibration prompt of low blood oxygen status, and takes care of yourblood oxygen status; It also supportsintelligent heart rate monitoring.When the heart rate is too high ortoo low, the watch will automaticallysend a reminder to let you know thechanges of your body all the time.

TruSleep 2.0 Sleep well and feel refreshed

HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 sleep monitor-ing algorithm can accurately identifysix major sleep problems, providepersonalized sleep assistance ser-vices and 200+ sleep improvementsuggestions.

TruSport 96 Sports, 96 Explorations

96 sports modes such as running, cycling,swmmbinedskipping and yoga, combined with the daily three ring exer-cise punch in task, make sports an indispensable habitof your life. HUAWEI TruSportprofessional sports algorithmprovides sports evaluationand suggestions such as run-ning power index, maximumoxygen uptake, recovery timeand training effect to helpyou better break throughyourself.

TruRelax Relax and laugh at life

Based on HUAWEl TruRelaxtechnology, all-weather pres-sure monitoring uses breath-ing training to release pres-sure and adjust the state intime.There are also intimatereminders of sedentary,drinking water and takingmedicine to cooperate withhealthy life clover., Help youdevelop healthy habits.

Focus on your heart health

Arrhythmia is fleeting and needs long-termcontinuous monitoring. Based on TruSeen TM heart rate monitoring technology to initiateheart health research.Finely identify arrhyth-mias and provide integrated management ser-vices such as atrial fibrillation and prematurebeat screening, personalized guidance, ap-pointment and follow-up; Support research onrisk prediction of atrial fibrillation, help predictthe risk of atrial fibrillation attack in advance,and independently manage heart health.

Sleep apnealt’s not terrible

Sleep apnea is a common disease, often mani-fested as snoring, sleeping during the day andso on, but many people do not know. HUAWEIBand 7 can intelligently identify sleep, HRV,blood oxygen, heart rate and other informa-tion, make multi parameter fusion judgment,screen the risk of sleep apnea, and provide hi-erarchical improvement suggestions.

More Convenient Experience

Your All-Purpose Smart Assistant

HUAWEI Band 7 keeps you plugged in to your life, by providing direct access to the most essential phone features, like incoming calls and messages, weather forecasts, and music controls8. You can even use the band to take an instant snapshot on your phone9, or send out quick replies to messages10!

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