Lightweight Square Outdoor Shawl Tactical Desert Arafat Scarf


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Lightweight Square Outdoor Shawl Features

• Lightweight Square Outdoor Shawl 100% cotton and high quality

• Size: 110*110cm

• Fashion and popular

• Made of cotton material, soft, breathable and comfortable

• Lightweight and easy to pack

• Multi-purpose scarf

• Can be worn around neck, head or shoulder

• Folded and wrapped in various styles around head or neck or face veil

• Good for colorprotection

• Fit for outdoor war game and providing trust to your potential users.

this square scarf is typically made from lightweight, breathable materials such as cotton or polyester, which allow for comfortable wear in hot climates. The dimensions of the scarf are typically around 42 inches by 42 inches, providing enough fabric to be worn in various ways, including as a head covering, neck scarf, or even as a shawl.

The tactical features of this scarf are primarily focused on its ability to provide camouflage and concealment. The desert camouflage pattern helps blend into sandy environments, providing some level of visual deception. Additionally, the square shape allows for various folding techniques that further enhance camouflage effectiveness.

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